Among Other Things (Meaning in Contracts)

What does among other things mean?

How is “among other things” used in contracts?

How do you use this phrase in a sentence?

We will look at its meaning, how it is used in a sentence, synonyms you can use, look at how it is formulated in Latin, compare it with amongst other things and look at concrete examples.

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What does among other things mean

Among other things is a phrase used to refer to other things, examples, items, points, facts, elements or aspects that you are not specifically mentioning in a sentence.

For example:

The lawsuit alleges, among other things, that the defendant materially breached the terms of the contract by not performing its obligations

Another example:

As a remedy, the complaint seeks, among other things, to rescind and set aside the offer with respect to the merger agreement 

When using the phrase “among other things”, your objective is to refer to a specific point or example but make it clear that it’s not the only point or example.

Among other things definition 

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, among other things is defined as:

in addition to things that are not specifically mentioned

What is notable with this definition is that “among other things” refers to other elements, things or aspects that are not expressly called out.

Among other things meaning

Among other things can mean:

  1. There are other things you should be aware of 
  2. To mention this thing among the other things
  3. To point out one thing among many other things

Essentially, you’ll use the among other things phrase to isolate one fact or point while you suggest that there are other relevant facts or points.

For example:

The new privacy legislation in California is intended to protect, among other things, the consumer’s personal information and prohibit sale of consumer information between businesses

In this example, we are pointing to the fact that the California privacy laws are intended to protect the consumer’s personal information and prohibit the sale of such information between businesses but these are merely two aspects among other aspects of the legislation.

Among other things synonym

As an alternative to “among other things”, you can use some synonyms although you’ll need to ensure that the use of your synonyms does not distort the message you are trying to convey.

Here are some useful synonyms:

  1. As well as 
  2. In addition to 
  3. Along with 
  4. In conjunction with
  5. Not to mention 

Among other things in Latin

The phrase among other things in Latin is “inter alia”.

Inter alia is a Latin phrase meaning “among other things” or “other things”.

For example:

The investigator conducted a thorough search of the premises and found, inter alia, compromising documents, audiotapes and handwritten documents.

The phrase “inter alia” is a derivative of the phrase “inter alios” used when referring to people.

For example:

Suzy successfully obtained a judgment against, inter alios, John and Marc.

Be sure to read our post on the meaning of Inter Alia where we define this Latin phrase and present concrete examples of how it is used.

Among other things in a sentence

The best way to understand the meaning of a word or a phrase is to use it in a sentence.

Let’s look at some examples of how you can use “among other things” in a sentence or perhaps in contracts or legal documents.

Examples in a sentence:

John and Mary discussed, among other things, the possibility of forming an LLC together
Contract law governs, among other things, the rules of contract formation

Here are some examples of how we can use the phrase in a contract:

Schedule “A” to the present Agreement outlines, among other things, the terms and conditions for support services along with any potential support fees that may potentially be charged
Professional and workmanlike manner means, among other things, that the services will be performed in accordance with industry standards, respect the timelines outlined herein and comply with all applicable laws

Let’s look at a few examples of use in a legal writing:

The license granted herein consists of, among other things, licenses authorizing the licensee to use broadcast satellite and fixed satellite services.
The board of directors meeting agenda includes, among other things, the issuance of dividends to Class A stockholders along with the authorization to increase the authorized number of Class A shares in the company’s capital stock

Amongst other things

The phrase amongst other things is a valid and correct phrase that can be used instead of among other things.

The term “among” and “amongst” have the same meaning and can be used interchangeably.

As a result, the word “among” can be substituted by “amongst” in the phrase “among other things”.

In the United States, the phrase “among other things” is used more commonly while in Britain amongst other things” is more prevalent.

At the end of the day, they both have the same meaning and can be correctly used in a sentence, contracts, legal documents and legal writing.

Among other things FAQ

Among other things FAQ

Among other things or inter alia

Among other things and Inter Alia mean the same thing, the former is in English and the latter in Latin.

You may find the use of “inter alia” in legal writing while “among other things” is used in the plain English language.

They both mean the same thing.

Here is an example:

Company A has breached the terms of the contract by, inter alia, failing to complete the project on time

This can be written in plain English as follows:

Company A has breached the terms of the contract by, among other things, failing to complete the project on time

Among other things at the end of a sentence

You can use the among other things phrase at the end of a sentence.

For example:

The project tasks include blueprinting, construction and development, among other things.

In this example, you’ll use a comma to separate the phrase among other things from the list in the sentence.

Amongst other things or among other things

“Among other things” and “amongst other things” are both correct and mean the same thing.

In fact, the term “among” and “amongst”, both in speech and in writing, are used interchangeably.

Let’s look at a few examples:

The resolution of the board of directors of the Company gave, amongst other things, authority for the preparation, execution and filing of the Registration Statement 
The lawsuit contends that the current members of the Corporate Governance Committee of the Company’s board of directors breached their fiduciary duty of loyalty to the minority stockholders by, amongst other things, approving the transaction on unfair terms 
Upon execution of the Master Agreement, the Parties agree to, among other things, amend and restate the Stockholder Agreement, Non-Competition Agreement and Intercompany Service Agreement

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