Bylaws or By-laws (All You Need To Know About Its Spelling)

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How do you spell the bylaws?

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Bylaws or by-laws

Many wonder how you write the term bylaws.

Is bylaws hyphenated or not?

It appears that both terms are used by lawyers and professionals when referring to the term.

According to The Law Dictionary Featuring Black’s Law Dictionary, the term bylaw is written without the hyphen, but they indicate that you can write it with a hyphen as well.

Bylaws or by laws 

The term “bylaws” or “bylaw” is either written in one or two words using a hyphen:

  • Bylaw
  • Bylaws
  • By-law
  • By-laws

In urban English, people may write the term bylaw as “by” “law,” but this is not the correct spelling.

If you want to refer to a company’s corporate records, you’ll need to say “bylaws” or “by-laws”.

If you simply say “by” and “law”, you are referring to the law.

For example:

You must provide your name as required by law

In this example, it is clear that you are not referring to a company’s bylaws, but to the “law”.

Bylaws or byelaws

According to The Law Dictionary, the term byelaw can:

Sometimes also spelled (…) byelaw

According to The Free Dictionary by Farlex, the term bye-law is defined as:

A rule promulgated by some body other than Parliament that has effect if done in pursuance and within the limits of some higher authorization such as an Act of Parliament.

In essence, the term byelaw appears to be used to refer to rules adopted by non-sovereign bodies but under the control and powers delegated by law.


So how should you write the term bylaws?

What is the correct spelling of bylaws? 

Is bylaws one work or two?

Let’s look at a summary of our findings. 

Bylaws or by-laws:

  • The term bylaws can be written in one word or in two words with a hyphen
  • The term byelaws is sometimes used to refer to the ordinances, codes or regulations adopted by non-legislative bodies based on legally delegated powers 
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