Et Seq (Best Overview: Legal Definition, Meaning, Use And Examples)

Et Seq (Best Overview Legal Definition, Meaning, Use And Examples)

What is et seq?

What is the et seq. meaning?

When do you use it in law and what are some examples?

What is the difference with etc?

We will first provide you with its meaning, then look at its definition, possible variations of the phrase, when to use it, the difference of et seq vs etc, et seq vs et sequitur and more.

Keep reading as you’ll learn awesome things on this short Latin phrase.

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Et seq meaning

Et seq is the abbreviation for the phrase “et sequentes” which is Latin for “and the following”.

Typically, the phrase “et seq” is used in law to refer to different sections of a statute, regulation or pages of a document.

For example: 

the territorial application of the UCC is outlined in Section 1-301 et seq

Using plain English, this sentence can be written as follows:

the territorial application of the UCC is outlined in Section 1-301 and the following

Et seq definition

According to Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute, referring to Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary, et seq is defined as:

Abbreviation for the Latin phrase “et sequentes,” meaning “and the following

Et seq origin 

Et seq comes from the Latin phrases:

  • Et sequens (and the following item)
  • Et sequente (and in what follows)
  • Et sequentes (and the following items)
  • Et sequentia (and the following items)
  • Et sequentibus (and in the following items) 

Et seq pronunciation 

Et seq. is pronounced as “et sek”.

Et seq abbreviations

Et sequentes can be abbreviated in different ways such as:

  1. Et seq.
  2. Et seqq.
  3. Et sqq.
  4. & seq.
  5. & seqq.
  6. & sqq.

When to use et seq

Typically, et seq. is used to reference:

  1. Pages of a document
  2. Sections statute
  3. Articles of a rulebook
  4. List numbers within a regulation
  5. Sections of laws and codes
  6. Paragraphs of policy documents

The abbreviation et seq is often used in legal writing although it can be used in other disciplines.

For example:

Disclosure requirements and prohibitions have been enacted in the California Anti-Predatory Lending Statute in Sections 4970 et seq.

Instead of referring to each of the section numbers relating to the requirements and prohibitions of the California Anti-Predatory Lending Statute, you refer to the first relevant section (Section 4970) and tell the reader to continue looking at the following (et seq.)

Et seq vs Etc

What is the difference between et seq and etc?

Etc is the abbreviation of the term etcetera which is a Latin term meaning “and so forth”.

Et seq. is the abbreviation of the phrase et sequentes which is a Latin phrase meaning “and the following”.

We use et seq to refer to specific sections or known items in a list while we use etc to refer to the rest of a defined list.

Here is an example of “etc”:

Digital advertisements can be done using digital graphics, images, banners, etc.

In this example, the reader is asked to deduce the rest of a defined list of digital advertisements.

Here is an example of “et seq”:

Such claims are filed pursuant to Section 12117 et seq. of the American With Disabilities Act

In this example, the reader is referred to a specific section (Section 12117) and informed to consider the sections immediately following as well.

Et seq vs et sequitur

Et sequitur is a Latin phrase that means to conclude by inference.

For example:

It is a reasonable sequitur that this company is going bankrupt

“Et sequitur” means that by inference, logic or deduction will follow. 

On the other hand, et seq does not require us to use inference or logic to conclude what will follow but points directly to a list or sections or terms that follow.

Et seq example 

Et seq is typically used in legal documents, laws, codes, statutes, regulations, policies or other types of official documents.

Here are some examples:

You may elect to continue receiving group medical insurance pursuant to federal law, specifically 29 U.S.Code § 1161 et seq.
We must comply with the Florida Fair Lending Act, Fla. Stat. Ann. § 494.0078 et seq.

Et seq FAQ

Et seq FAQ

What does et seq mean

Et seq is an abbreviation of a Latin phrase “et sequentes”, “et sequens” or “et sequentia” to mean “and the following”, “and the following items” or “and the following item”.

Lawyers drafting demand letters, court petitions or policy documents, for instance, will use “et seq.” to refer to sections of a statute, regulation or code.

For example:

You can refer to the seller’s remedies under the Uniform Commercial Code at Sections 2-703 et. seq.

How is et seq used in a sentence?

You can use et seq in a sentence when you want to refer to a list or pages.

Corporations can elect to be taxed like LLCs (pass-through taxation) provided they qualify under Subchapter S et seq. of the Internal Revenue Code
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