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Form LLC-12 (What It Is And How It Works: All You Need To Know)

What is Form LLC-12?

Why do limited liability companies need to file an LLC-12 Form?

How does it work?

Keep reading as I have gathered exactly the information that you need!

Let me explain to you what is CA LLC-12 Form and what is it’s all about!

Are you ready?

Let’s get started!

What Is Form LLC-12

The Form LLC-12 or simply LLC 12 refers to an application that all limited liability companies must complete and file with the State of California within 90 days of their registration and then every two years.

In the State of California, the Secretary of State requires that all LLCs (domestic or foreign) file a CA Form LLC-12 upon initial registration or formation and then every two years to maintain good standing.

If you have no changes to report about your business and your filing information is up-to-date, you should complete the LLC-12NC Form (statement of information with “No Change”).

Who Must File A CA LLC-12 Form

If you are operating a business in the State of California as a limited liability company, you will be required to file a Form LLC 12 statement of information.

In essence, a domestic limited liability company or a foreign limited liability company will need to register with the California Secretary of State to transact business in California.

Then, once the LLC is registered, it must then file a statement of information LLC-12 every two years to maintain its business information up-to-date and keep a good status on record.

LLCs with an active status can file the LLC 12 California.

If an LLCs registration is suspended or forfeited, then its status must be re-activated before it can file its Form LLC-12 California.

How Form LLC-12 California Works

Let’s look at how the LL Form 12 works in the State of California.

LLC 12 Filing Online

The State of California offers an LLC-12 Form online filing tool allowing LLC owners to file their California Form LLC-12.

Status of LLC

For an LLC to be able to file a statement of information form LLC 12, it must have an active status or a suspended/forfeited status on the California records.

If you are not sure what is the status of your LLC, you can look it up using the California Business Search Database.

LLCs with a suspended or forfeited status must resolve their issue before they can complete the filing of their LLC-12 online or PDF format.


Here are the fees applicable to LLC 12 online filing or paper filing:

  • Initial filing: $20.00
  • Periodic filing (every two years): $20

When you file your Form LLC 12 statement of information after the initial filing date (or required filing date) requirements are met, then there are no fees.


You can get the processing delays by going to the California Secretary of State “current processing dates” page.

If you want your LLC 12 Form or LLC 12 NC to be processed faster, you should consider submitting them online.

Cover Sheet

To make communications easier with the state, you have the option to include a submission cover sheet.

When To File CA LLC 12 Form

Every limited liability company that is formed or registered in the State of California must file a Statement of Information LLC-12 form:

  • Within 90 days from its registration
  • And then every two years based on the LLCs registration date

If the LLC registration was done in an even year, then its bizfile.sos.ca.gov Form LLC 12 must be filed in even years.

If the LLC registration was done in an odd year, then it must file its LLC-12 SOI every odd year.

The filing period starts from the registration month and five months immediately preceeding it.

In other words, all LLCs have a 6-month statutory filing window to file their LLC 12 online or by mail.

Form LLC-12 Content

Here is the nature of the information that you’ll need to provide in the LLC-12 Form:

  • Limited liability company name
  • 12-digit Secretary of State Entity Number (or file Number)
  • State, foreign country, or place of organization (if the LLC was formed outside California)
  • Business address 
  • Manager and member name and address 
  • Information about who will receive service of process 
  • Type of business you are operating 
  • Name and address of CEO if one is elected 

State of California Resources

Here are some useful information, links, and resources to help you with your Form 550.

If you need to maile your SI-500 Form to the Secretary of State, you should use the following address:

California Secretary of State
Statement of Information Unit
P.O. Box 944230
Sacramento CA 94244-2300

You can also drop off your documents at:

California Secretary of State
Business Program Division
1500 11th Street
Sacramento CA 95814

Form LLC 12 Takeaways 

So there you have it folks!

What is LLC 12?

The LLC-12 statement of information in California is a form used by LLC’s to keep their business information up-to-date with the Secretary of State.

Once a limited liability company is formed in California or is registered, it must file its first LLC 12 statement of information within ninety days of its registration.

Then, the CA LLC 12 form must be filed by the LLC every two years.

The main purpose of the statement of information LLC 12 is for LLCs doing business in CA provide relevant information regarding their business to the Secretary of State, such as:

  • LLC name
  • LLC address
  • Member names
  • Manager names 
  • Types of business 

All LLCs must keep their information on record up-to-date and accurate to preserve a good standing with the California SOS.

You can file LLC 12 online or complete the PDF version and submit it by mail.

I hope you now have a better understanding of what is an LLC 12 form, why you need an LLC-12, and how it works.

Good luck!

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Now, let’s look at a summary of our findings.

CA Form LLC 12 Overview

  • A Statement of Information California LLC (Form LLC-12) is a document that must be filed by all limited liability companies upon registration with the state and every two years
  • The Form LLC 12 California allows the State of California to collect relevant information from your LLC so you can do business in California
  • Any authorized representative or member of the LLC can file LLC-12 online or submit it by mail
  • The LLC-12 form allows the California Secretary of State validates that your LLC exists, has business operations in the state, and provides details about the business owners and managers
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