Inter Alia (Best Overview: Definition And Examples)

Inter Alia (Best Overview Definition And Examples)

What is Inter Alia?

What is the meaning of Inter Alia in law?

How is it used in a sentence and what are some examples?

In this article, we will look at the inter alia definition, answer the question “what does inter alia mean”, look at the inter alia use in law or in a sentence and go over concrete examples.

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Inter Alia meaning

Inter alia is a Latin phrase meaning “among other things” or “other things”.

For example:

The investigator conducted a thorough search of the premises and found, inter alia, compromising documents, audiotapes and handwritten documents.

The phrase “inter alia” is a derivative of the phrase “inter alios” used when referring to people.

For example:

Suzy successfully obtained a judgment against, inter alios, John and Marc.

The first known use of this phrase goes back to 1665.

Latin is commonly used in legal writings, contracts and official documents.

In modern times, the best practice is to avoid using legal jargon or Latin terms and use plain English instead when drafting legal documents.

Inter Alia legal definition 

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, inter alia is defined as:

Among other things

Inter alia is used in law to refer to legal theories, statutes, regulations, concepts, or things and indicate that the example given is one among many other examples that could be given.

Company A has breached the terms of the contract by, inter alia, failing to render the services in a professional and workmanlike manner

In this example, we want to indicate that Company A has breached the terms of the contract by failing to render the services in a workmanlike.

However, the quality of the service is only one example of a breach among other examples that can be cited. 

Inter Alia in a sentence 

Whenever you want to refer to something and say that this reference is one thing among other things, you can use the Latin phrase “inter alia”.

During the board of directors meeting, there was significant dissent on many subject-matters, inter alia, the terms and conditions of a change of control and failure to reach an agreement on a no shop clause.

You’ll need to be careful as to how you write inter alia.

There is a space between the term “inter” and “alia”. 

We’ve seen cases where inter alia was written incorrectly as interalia.

Inter Alia pronunciation

Inter alia is pronounced as “in-ter a-lee-ah

Inter Alia abbreviation 

Inter alia is abbreviated as “i.a.

Inter Alia usage

Among other things in Latin is written as Inter Alia.

This Latin phrase can be used in the English language but most often, you’ll see it used by lawyers when writing legal documents such as:

  1. Pleading documents
  2. Court motions
  3. Notice of claim 
  4. Contracts 
  5. Corporate policies 
  6. Securities prospectus 
  7. Other official documents

The use of inter alia is not limited to the field of law but can also be used by other professionals like accountants, engineers or others. 

Typically, it is used when writing a formal document or writing something official.

“Inter alia” vs “Including but not limited to”

Inter alia in law means “among other things” and it is used when you want to refer to certain things or give examples without suggesting that you are giving an exhaustive example.

The judge ruled against the defendant who was unable to meet the burden of proof on the basis of, inter alia, the lack of the witness’ credibility 

You are suggesting that the witness’ credibility was one among other decisive reasons why the defendant lost the case.

Including but not limited to” is used to provide examples but ensure that the generality of the scope of what is presented is not lost.

Party A shall abide by relevant laws and regulations including, but not limited to (1) Data protection laws, (2) Intellectual property laws, and (3) Contract laws 

In this example, the author wants to have Party A respect all the relevant laws and regulations but gives a couple of examples without wanting to limit compliance strictly with the examples given.

Inter Alia examples

Here are some examples of how the phrase ‘inter alia’ is used in legal writing or documents.

The company’s chief financial officer believes that this ratio will be eroded due, inter alia, to the valuation of company properties and due to the sale of valuable properties
The issuance of the injunctive relief is subject and conditional upon, inter alia, the demonstration of irreparable harm suffered by the plaintiff
The obligations of the buyer to take delivery of the property is subject to, inter alia, the financing approval and execution of a purchase agreement
The admissibility of an expert witness’s testimony is subject to the successful passing of the Daubert standard requiring, inter alia, the demonstration that the scientific method used by the expert was sound

Inter Alia FAQ

Inter Alia FAQ

What is inter alia?

Inter Alia is a Latin phrase used to say among other things.

You’ll employ this phrase when you want to refer to certain things without suggesting that your example is exhaustive.

The state has the ability to raise funds by issuing, inter alia, debt securities

What is the meaning of inter alia in law?

In law, the definition of inter alia is “among other things”.

Litigation attorneys, contract lawyers, corporate and commercial lawyers or lawyers in any other field of law may use the phrase “inter alia” in their legal documents.

Many argue that legal jargon and complicated legal terminology should no longer be used allowing the layperson to read and understand the meaning of a legal document.

For this reason, many legal professionals have ceased the use of complicated jargon and Latin phrases to use plain English instead.

For example:

The obligations of the buyer to take delivery of the property is subject to, inter alia, the financing approval and execution of a purchase agreement

Can be written as:

The obligations of the buyer to take delivery of the property is subject to, among other things, the financing approval and execution of a purchase agreement

Does inter alia need to be italicized?

When using a phrase, you should italicize it in your sentence.

John must observe his contractual obligations, inter alia, deliver the product on time and give at least 30 days of warranty 
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