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Its Signature Overview

What does “its” mean on a signature line?

The word “its” can be used in the signature block on a document instead of the word “title”.

The objective is to ensure that the person signing on behalf of a company or someone else is clearly identified by name and role (or capacity).

A typical contract signature block looks like this:

Its Signature - Signature block

Generally, we are used to seeing the word “Title” to refer to the position of the signatory.

However, we can also use the word “Its” to refer to a person’s position within a company.

The signature block would look like this:

Its Signature - Signature block with its

In essence, here is how someone could sign a contract:

  • Its President
  • Its CEO
  • Its CFO
  • Its Chief Operating Officer

Its Signature Line

The Its Signature Line or By and Its Signature Line refers to the place on a signature block where the person signing will put his or her position in the company or representation capacity.

A company’s president will sign her name as follows:

By: Mary Smith
Its: President
Date: XXXX

A company’s vice president will sign his name as follows:

By: John Miller
Its: Vice-President
Date: XXXX

Its Signature Field 

The Its Signature Field is generally an area on a form where a person will type his or her title or role when acting on behalf of someone else.

When a person signs directly on a document, we’ll refer to that as the Its Signature Line or By Its Signature.

However, when a person completes an electronic document, a form or another document with predefined areas that must be completed, we’ll refer to those areas as “fields”.

An Its Signature Field is a pre-established area on a document or form where a person must specify his or her role or title.


So what is Its Signature?

What does “its” mean on a contract signature block?

Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

Its Signature:

  • By signing on behalf of a corporation, company, or entity instead of your personal capacity, you must state what title you hold in the company on the “Its” signature line
  • The word “its” refers to the person’s role or title 
  • A CEO of a company will sign as “Its Chief Executive Officer”
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