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What Are Laundry Services (Explained: All You Need To Know)

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What Are Laundry Services

In business, laundry services refer to companies that offer different types of laundry-related services to their clients.

A laundry service business caters to the needs of individuals who prefer to have their laundry done for them, companies that need laundry services to clean things like uniforms, gowns, and other fabrics, along with people who dislike doing laundry at home.

Some laundry services operate laundromats where many laundry machines are placed for consumers to use on a pay-as-you-go basis.

There are different types of laundry services, such as:

  • Pickup laundry services
  • Commercial laundry services
  • Dry cleaning services 
  • Fluff and fold laundry services
  • Laundromat self-service

Your laundry service can also cater to individuals or businesses such as hotels, restaurants, government agencies, hospitals, etc.

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Why Are Laundry Services Important

There are many reasons why some entrepreneurs tend to open laundry service businesses.

The most important consideration is the laundry service company’s specialty in washing different types of material using different machines and products.

For instance, hospitals use towels, gowns, and different types of uniforms for their patients, staff, and doctors.

They may outsource their washing needs to a specialized company able to handle dirty laundry coming from hospitals that may have blood stains, chemical stains, and other toxic stains on them.

Another reason why laundry services are important is that they provide a service of “convenience”.

Washing different types of fabric and handling a large volume of loads can be challenging.

Laundry service companies are able to deal with large volumes of loads and efficiently do their work.

The more volume they can handle, the more they can benefit from economies of scale.

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Types of Laundry Services

There are different types of laundry services.

Classic Laundry Services

One type of laundry service is when a company picks up laundry from a person’s home or business office at a pre-determined schedule.

Then, the laundry service company will provide the laundry services and return the laundry back to the person or business when everything is washed and cleaned.


Another type of laundry service is the establishment of laundromats.

Laundromats offer different types of services such as stain treatment, dry cleaning, ironing, folding, and mending services.

Customers will typically drop off their laundry at the laundromat for cleaning.

Industrial Laundry Services

Industrial laundry services are companies that cater to the needs of different types of business businesses such as restaurants, hotels, motels, hospitals, animal shelters, schools, police departments, and so on.

In this case, the laundry service provider will provide specific services and take specific measures as required by the client.

For instance, a hospital may require the laundry service company to clean their laundry using specific products or following a specific washing process.

Dry Cleaning Services

Dry cleaning service is a type of laundry service where you wash fabric, textiles, and clothes without the use of water.

This type of service caters to the needs of individuals and companies that clean suits, uniforms, expensive clothing, or a specific type of fabric.

Other Laundry Services

You can have other laundry services such as opening a laundromat with laundry machines that individuals can use for individual loads.

Laundry services can be given to universities and colleges to handle student laundry in the dormitories.

There are also companies that wash diapers made of cloth.

Benefits of Laundry Services

There are several benefits to using laundry services for its customers.

One important aspect is that laundry services can save individuals money when they can’t or do not want to invest in a washing machine.

A person may be renting an apartment on a business trip or have a short-term need to wash clothes.

Using a laundry service can be a much more economical way of cleaning his or her clothes.

Another important benefit is that laundry services tend to save their clients time.

When you want to wash clothes, uniforms, and fabric, you need to get the right cleaning product, use the right machine, ensure that you set the right configurations, make sure that you monitor the load during the wash cycle, and so on.

On the other hand, when you have a laundry service company handle everything for you, you will save precious time attending to other matters in your life or business.

Another key benefit of using laundry services is that they are specialized in cleaning and washing things.

As a result, you benefit from their use of quality cleaning materials and high-quality cleaning machines.

Not only do you benefit from a nice cleaning service but you will also reduce the wear and tear on your clothes and laundry.

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Starting A Laundry Service Business

Starting a laundry service business can be quite rewarding (and challenging!).

If you are considering starting a laundry service business, you may want to consider the following tips.

Type of Service

The first thing you should do is to consider the exact type of laundry service you want to give.

Are you looking to open a laundromat to help the local community do their personal laundry?

Are you looking to service industrial businesses and work on volume?

Addressable Market

Once you identify the specific laundry service niche you wish to tackle, the next step is to do a quick market research.

What is the potential size of your addressable market?

Who is your ideal customer?

How much will it cost you to acquire a new customer?

Competitor Analysis 

Once you understand your addressable market, you should assess who your main competitor will be.

Are you competing against one very large company, or are there many smaller players in the sector?

Cost Analysis

The next step is to prepare a cost analysis of how much you will need to purchase your equipment, find skilled workers, and rent out a space for your operations.

In many cases, operating a laundry service business is costly and so the startup costs and equipment may cost you a small fortune at first.

If you do your calculation right and carefully assess your market, you have the potential to make interesting returns on your investment.

Service Levels

A key element in succeeding in the laundry service segment is to be able to provide great cleaning and washing services in a timely manner.

Customers, particularly industrial customers, expect to have the laundry picked up, cleaned, and delivered back based on a fixed schedule.

Satisfying the client’s expectations is key in succeeding in this business.

Business Structure

Once you’ve made the decision to start a laundry service business, you should consider what type of structure you will use to operate the business.

Will you incorporate a corporation?

Will you form a limited liability company?

Are you working with partners in a partnership?

Ideally, you should consider forming a business entity where you can benefit from limited personal liability.

In other words, the business entity should be separate and apart from the business owners thereby shielding the owner’s personal assets.

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So there you have it folks!

What is a laundry service?

A laundry service is a type of business offering the services of washing and cleaning clothes, uniforms, and different types of fabric.

The laundry service company will generally charge a fee based on volume or individual wash loads.

This business model is based on the fact that customers need a good quality wash done in a timely manner.

If you carefully consider the type of laundry services you want to offer, how much it will cost you to get started, the size of your addressable market, and how you can deliver high-quality service to your clients, you have the potential to make good money in this business.

Now that you know what laundry services are all about, good luck with your research!

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