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Marketing For Law Firm: Best Online Strategies (Overview)

Looking to better understand marketing for law firms?

We have just the right article for you on true and tested online marketing strategies that law firms can successfully employ!

Online marketing for a law firm requires a lot of effort but ultimately it can be very rewarding when you see the positive results on the bottom-line! We will cover strategies such as content marketing, search engine optimization or SEO, blogging and establishing your law firm as an authority in your areas of practice as the primary online strategies you should implement to succeed and dominate your online niche.

In this article we will look at:

  1. Content marketing for law firms
  2. Search engine optimization for law firm marketing
  3. Blogging as marketing tactic for a law firm
  4. Showcase your law firm’s expertise on your website
  5. Paid advertising to boost your law firm marketing results
  6. Law firm marketing requires constant effort
  7. Marketing for law firm takeaways

Let’s get started…

1- Content marketing for law firms

Marketing for law firm

Content marketing is a great way to add a marketing weapon to your law firm’s marketing arsenal. 

Content marketing is a type of marketing strategy where you create content based on what your website users are looking for such as answering their question, giving them valuable content, giving tips on how to solve a problem of theirs. 

No matter the angle that you take to approach your content marketing strategy, the end result is to provide your website user with great, valuable and relevant information.

If you succeed at content marketing, not only your website user will find your website information highly useful but they will also consider calling you or taking a profitable action that will lead to additional sales and revenues to your law firm.

Content marketing is a great way to market your law firm, an excellent way to generate leads and increase your overall profitability. Content marketing is amazing for your bottom line!!

As a law firm, the content that you produce will reflect upon your law firm’s credibility.

The greater your content, the more credibility you will command with your online site visitors.

Let’s not confuse content marketing with the traditional marketing scripts you employ in advertisements.

Content marketing is customer-focused. 

You provide useful information to your site visitors in order to help them with a real-life problem or issue they are faced with.

Your mission is to solve their problem and you write with that mindset. 

We are not referring to a traditional marketing content where you are talking about how good you are and the world is a better place with your law firm. That’s not content marketing…

With content marketing for law firms, you must think of your site visitor and why are they visiting your website? What information are they looking for? How can you provide them information that they can find valuable?

Define a good content strategy and execute on it.

You will see that writing amazing content for your customers will be appreciated by your clients and will lead to more coming back to you for more.

2- Search engine optimization for law firm marketing 

Marketing for law firm

Search engine optimization or SEO is another great tactic for law firm marketing and strategy to increase traffic to your law firm’s website and give your firm greater visibility.

Search engine optimization is a strategy that you should employ to help better rank your law firm’s website on search engines

Through SEO techniques and best practices, your objective is to get your website to rank on the first page of Google, the most used search engine platform, and even be listed as the first organic listing.

The organic results are results that search engines consider the most relevant to a user’s search query. 

What’s absolutely amazing about organic ranking is that it’s totally free. Getting Google to advertise your website on the first page is awesome!!

With search engine optimization strategies and law firm SEO strategies, you are trying to implement search-engine friendly practices to get you listed on the first page while at the same time you want to be highly relevant for a user.

Various techniques you can employ can be:

  1. Content strategy
  2. Website architecture
  3. Website authority
  4. Backlinks 

These are only a few on-site and off-site techniques, there are way more techniques you can employ for search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is great marketing for a law firm giving you much greater visibility if you succeed at it.

Word of caution, search engine optimization takes time for you to see results.

If you implement a strategy today, you’ll need to be patient as it may take weeks, if not months, for you to see the result of your tweaks.

You’ll need to implement strategies in such a way that you can assess the result on your website ranking. 

If you do too many changes to your search engine optimization strategy, you will no longer be able to tell which technique was more effective than not. 

Search engine optimization is an iterative process so you’ll need to constantly evaluate your implementation results

3- Blogging as marketing tactic for a law firm

Marketing for law firm

Blogging is no doubt absolutely amazing for law firm marketing.

Blogging will help bring more traffic to your law firm’s website, will help you convert that traffic into leads, establish your authority as a law firm and help you drive long-term results. All of this, without you spending a dime with search engines!

For every page you publish on your blog, you are increasing your chances of someone out there finding you online.

Your blog posts will be indexed by Google quite well and each page published is an additional page that can appear on the search engine results page.

An effective blog will give you more chances of getting discovered on social media platforms as well. 

Social media is fertile ground for people sharing your blog content provided you keep your blog up-to-date and publish amazing content.

Running a good blog will also serve as a very effective search engine optimization tactic. 

With a blog, you will write great content, you will publish content regularly and you will provide answers to user questions or provide valuable content. Google loves that…

Google wants the best possible user experience.

Think about it, Google is a “search” engine. It is designed for you to ask a question and get an answer or run a query and expect a solution.

Fundamentally, a blog does exactly that for Google.

An amazing blog will give great content to the user, answer the user’s question, solve a problem and so on. Google will leverage your blog to help its own users through your blog content.

Blogging is therefore fantastic for law firm marketing.

4- Showcase your law firm’s expertise on your website 

Marketing for law firm

Whatever you do, make sure your law firm showcases your expertise to establish your web credibility and authority with regards to your areas of practice.

Becoming a thought leader and an authority in your niche will produce amazing results for your law firm marketing.

Analyse your competitors. What are they writing about? What do people have to say about them? What problems are they trying to solve with their own clients and users?

Based on your competitive analysis, create useful content on your website that will attract users to your website but also demonstrate to your users that you are knowledgeable and credible in what you are talking about.

Position yourself as the topic leader, the expert.

Answer frequently asked questions. Provide users with your views on various legal topics. Let them know who you are and what you do.

Make your website your user’s legal hub for information.

When you establish yourself as an authority on a topic, your users will be attracted to you like a magnet. They’ll have less hesitations in engaging your law firm’s services for their legal needs.

Once that initial connection has been made and, through your website and your strategy to showcase yourself as an authority in your field, you will convince the user to become a potential client of yours.

Imagine this being done 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year!

So powerful!

As lawyers, our ability to build and retain a solid client base will depend strongly on how we can demonstrate that we are a master in our area of expertise.

Selling yourself through your knowledge as a lawyer is extremely powerful. It remains an important factor for clients to retain the services of a lawyer or a particular law firm no matter your law firm marketing tactics.

Make sure you publish content directly related to your subject-matter expertise. Your law firm marketing will surely benefit with your ability to demonstrate your legal knowledge.

5- Paid advertising to boost your law firm marketing results

Marketing for law firm

Measuring your law firm marketing strategy is key for your overall marketing success.

With digital and online advertising, you can perform marketing tests to see what works and what doesn’t.

If you have a budget to set aside for paid advertising online on programs like Pay-Per-Click, AdWords or similar channels, you can quickly get statistics, measurements and conversion ratios based on keywords you use, content you publish and search engine optimization tactics you are considering to employ.

With digital marketing analytics, you can track information such as:

  1. Website traffic
  2. Click-through rate
  3. Bounce rate
  4. User location
  5. Number of new visitors
  6. Page ranking

And more…

By running an advertisement campaign for only a few days or a couple of weeks, you will capture a wealth of digital statistics and measurements related to your campaign.

With that knowledge, you can tailor your website content and search engine optimization strategies on things that actually work.

Without advertisement data, any page content strategy, tweak or SEO change to your website and strategy will take a long time for you to measure results whereas through a well-calculated law firm paid advertising campaign, you can capture valuable data so you can further progress in your law firm marketing.

6- Law firm marketing requires constant effort

Marketing for law firm

To succeed in your law firm’s marketing efforts, you will need to put in the time, effort and energy.

Just like any other business development strategies, your law firm marketing plans require thought, proper planning, great execution and most importantly constant effort.

The technological landscape changes at a phenomenal speed and you must remain on top of it. 

You will need to keep a constant effort in tracking your competitor’s marketing activity, keep up-to-date with technological advancements, keep up with the laws in your area of practice so you can produce great content, and you must be ready willing to pivot with sudden changes in the market.

Your ongoing effort will be crucial for your law firm’s long-term success.

Put a solid online marketing plan together, execute on it and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Your marketing effort is an iterative process where you try something, track the results, assess the impact, tweak and repeat.

7- Marketing for law firm takeaways 

Marketing for law firm

Law firm marketing requires a lot of work but it’s ultimately very rewarding when your efforts pay off.

Provided you are strategic with your efforts, your marketing results will yield results that will absolutely shock you.

Marketing for law firm can be achieved in many ways but we’ve identified the ones we believe will produce the biggest bang for the buck:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Search engine optimization 
  3. Blogging 
  4. Paid advertising 
  5. Putting the extra effort

We hope that you find success in your own strategies to drive more business for your law firm.

What marketing strategies are you employing for your law firm? What is working well and what is not? We would love to hear from you. Drop us a comment!

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