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Mobile Marketing As A Law Firm’s Digital Marketing Strategy?

Mobile marketing as a law firm’s digital marketing strategy, what for?

Wondering how important it is to focus on mobile marketing to increase traffic to your website and ultimately improve your conversions?

How useful is mobile marketing for law firms out there?

If these are some questions you are asking, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we will look at mobile marketing for law firms in detail. What is mobile marketing, why is it essential for law firms, what makes an effective mobile marketing strategy, how should your law firm approach mobile marketing, what are the mobile marketing best practices and optimizations you can implement and more.

We’ve divided this article into different sections so you can easily navigate to what is relevant for you.

Let’s get started…

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is digital marketing practices employed to cater and appeal to mobile device users.

A good mobile marketing strategy will allow a mobile user to easily find your website while doing a mobile search online, navigate through your website, find the information they need and take a profitable action with your law firm.

To succeed in the digital marketing space, you must have a mobile marketing strategy.

More and more users spend time on the internet using mobile devices as opposed to desktop computers.

Mobile marketing is done by delivering ads to mobile devices or implementing SEO strategies to improve local search rankings and mobile ranking on search engines.

Why Is Mobile Marketing Essential For Law Firms?

Mobile marketing is essential for law firms as most users will look up for legal information or a lawyer on their mobile device.

Mobile Marketing Statistics Are Nuts

More than 69% of the time spent consuming digital media in the US is done using a smartphone.

The sheer number of mobile device users searching the web and the potential reach makes mobile marketing crucial for your law firm.

Consider this.

More than 80% of users used a mobile device to search the internet in 2019.

The US mobile search ad amounted to $28.12B in 2019!

63% of Google searches in the US are done via a mobile device.

These numbers are significant.

You should rethink your digital marketing strategy to include mobile marketing or to enhance whatever you have.

Mobile Marketing Gives You Amazing Reach

With so many people surfing the web using their mobile devices, you can get a phenomenal reach for your law firm.

A wide reach is key for a law firm as you can develop your brand awareness.

The more people see you and know you exist, the more you have a fair chance at converting some of them to paying customers.

Mobile Marketing Is Personal Marketing

Consider mobile marketing as a way your firm can personally connect with your clients.

Most people own a mobile device.

It’s their personal smartphone or their own personal tablet.

They will use their mobile device to reach out to friends and family for personal reasons.

If your law firm is able to craft a message in such a way that a user will connect with you on a personal level, you will succeed in your digital marketing strategy using mobile marketing.

By personally connecting with your mobile site visitor, you can create an important connection and build trust.

Trust means…

Possibility of converting more site visitors to actual customers.

The more a user engages with your site, the more you can connect with that person.

Your law firm’s personal touch can have a positive result in the context of your mobile marketing strategy. 

Mobile Marketing Is Cost-Effective

It’s worth noting that mobile marketing can be much more cost-effective than other marketing channels.

Consider how much you will pay for sponsoring an event to reach 5,000 people at large as opposed to investing in SEO to reach targeted online users or optimizing your website to increase your traffic and conversions.

For law firms, you may still need to do both, that’s understandable.

However, you should not underestimate the power of mobile marketing when it comes to the possible return on your investment.

In a cost-effective way, you can either reach a wide audience or you can deploy a laser-focused mobile marketing strategy. 

What Makes An Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy?

An effective mobile marketing strategy is one where the user will have a great user experience while navigating your website using a mobile device.

This means that your website should load fast when a user finds you on a search engine, your web pages must be responsive, your images and web design should appear adequately on the mobile device and the user should have an easy time navigating your site.

Your objective is to ensure that a mobile user visiting your law firm’s website will have the same user experience as if they were visiting your site with a desktop computer.

Setting up an effective law firm mobile marketing strategy should take into consideration the type of legal services you offer and how you can provide value to your website mobile users.

Your mobile marketing approach should take a customer-focused approach where you focus on your law firm’s key value propositions and present that to your user in a short and concise manner.

Think about how a mobile user will navigate your website.

A mobile device user will not spend a lot of time on a web page reading through heavy content.

Rather, a mobile device user will want to quickly scroll through your page and scroll-read your material.

Having nice headlines and large fonts make for a much more positive mobile device user experience.

Your law firm’s mobile marketing approach must take into consideration these mobile marketing fundamentals for it to be effective.

You can have the best mobile marketing content and call-to-action but if they are not easily visible and appealing to a mobile device user, you will not get any results.

Types of Mobile Marketing Best Practices

Be Short And Sweet 

Make sure your message is short and sweet.

Mobile devices do not have a large screen so writing too much content will be overwhelming for a mobile device user.

Keep things simple.

Keep things short.

Keep things beautiful.

Optimize For Local Search

You should make sure that your website is optimized for local search.

We refer to this as local SEO.

Local SEO is to ensure your website ranks well for searches where the user is looking for a local service provider.

In the case of a law firm, a user will search on their mobile device or smartphone to find a law firm near their office or home.

Consider that 40% of all mobile searches are for a local business.

88% of consumers looking for a local business end up calling them.

It is very likely that your site visitor is searching for a law firm locally and will end up contacting a local law firm.

Think of Your Site Visitor

For your law firm to successfully craft a mobile marketing strategy, it would be a good idea to think about your website visitor.

When someone is visiting your website on their mobile device, what are they looking to do?

It’s a safe bet that users are visiting your website for a few main reasons.

One reason is to find answers to a legal question.

So they are looking to consume content from your website.

Another reason is that they are looking for law firms or a lawyer in a specific area of practice.

They are facing a legal issue or challenge and need legal advice.

Alternatively, they may be comparing law firms, reading up reviews, looking to see what information they can find on you.

They want to make a purchasing decision and make up their mind about whether or not they should retain your services.

Your mobile marketing strategy should cater to each of these user-types.

Monitor Your Results

Just like with any digital marketing strategy, you will need to monitor your results.

The beauty of digital marketing as a whole is that you can gather a lot of useful data on what is working for your law firm and what is not.

Leverage your data and use analytics to your advantage.

If you see that a particular mobile marketing strategy is working nicely, work on that strategy even further.

Try to understand why other strategies are not working to determine how you can change things around.

Monitoring your results and tracking your progress is a crucial part of digital marketing success.

How To Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Customer-Focused Strategy

There are many ways to optimize your mobile marketing strategy.

What you should keep in mind is that the user should have the best possible experience when visiting your site using a mobile device.

If you develop your website focusing on your user first and considering a mobile-first design, you will have planned and implemented your mobile marketing strategy with a customer-focus approach.

Remember that 67% of buying decisions are now taking place on mobile devices!

Optimize Your Website For Mobile 

Having a mobile-friendly website will surely help increase your user engagement.

To ensure you have a mobile-friendly website, you’ll need to make sure that your page content is properly displayed on different types of mobile devices.

You’ll need to ensure your images appear in the right place and have the right size.

Make sure your user can easily navigate through your law firm’s website and find the information or content they are looking for.

Make sure that your site menus properly appear on the page and are functional.

Optimize Content For Mobile Devices

Content marketing and blogging may take a central role in your law firm’s digital marketing techniques.

As you write your content, make sure your content is mobile-friendly.

Keep your paragraphs short and sweet.

Include descriptive headers and subheaders to split up your material in easy bite-size pieces.

Use descriptive images and digital media like infographics.

Present your content in a way that your user can “scroll-read” your material.

As a law firm, you will want to focus on the quality of your content but the delivery is also crucial.

Your target customer may not be a professional or a lawyer themselves.

Your site visitors will not have the patience or inclination to read big chunks of text.

So write your content as if you are talking to a friend.

Optimize For SEO

Mobile search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for your law firm’s online success.

Make sure you implement all the SEO best practices optimized for mobile search.

More than 70% of mobile searches lead to an action on a website within 1 hour from the time of the search.

If that action is calling your law firm, sending you an email or reaching out to you through a contact form, you need to encourage that.

What’s interesting with mobile searches is that a user searching for a lawyer using their mobile device will be more motivated to contact a lawyer.

We must not forget that over the years, mobile search has been increasing.

You need to make sure that your website is well-ranked by search engines for the keywords you are after.

Optimize For Local SEO 

A lot of mobile users look for local businesses and local information.

This means that many mobile users will want to look for a law firm nearby or locally.

You should optimize your law firm’s website for local SEO.

This is done with Google My Business.

Once you register your business, you should see an improvement in your search engine ranking and traffic resulting from local searches.

Optimize Your Website Navigation

Putting a lot of effort to bring a user to visit your website is only half the battle.

Now you need to have your mobile user take a positive or profitable action on your website.

How can you do that?

You can do that by putting a great navigational structure on your site.

Make sure that your top menu appears perfectly.

Make sure your footer is responsive and is presentable.

Make sure that you have navigational bars on your site optimized for mobile so a mobile user can easily navigate through your site.

You want to easily direct your user to your amazing content, to quickly understand the services you offer and to reach out to you or fill up a contact form.

Optimize Social Media Engagement

Here is a fact.

Most people interact on social media platforms.

Here is another fact.

Most of that interaction is one using their mobile devices and smartphones.

55% of social media engagement is on a mobile device.

72.4% of the worldwide online population will be accessing social media networks!

What does this mean for your law firm?

It means you need to optimize for social media engagement on mobile.

You must build social media strategies into your mobile marketing strategy online.

Your law firm should go where your customers are hanging out.

You should reach out and engage with your customers whether or not they are actively looking to hire a lawyer.

The more you are genuinely interacting with your clients, the more your social media strategy will pay off.


There you have it, we’ve looked at mobile marketing for a law firm’s digital marketing strategy.

Mobile marketing is an important part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

You can reach out to a wide audience, increase your law firm brand awareness and more importantly you can attract new customers coming through mobile channels.

In this article, we discussed:

  1. What is mobile marketing
  2. Why is it crucial for law firms to adopt mobile marketing strategies
  3. What makes for an effective strategy
  4. How a law firm should approach mobile marketing
  5. Different types of mobile marketing strategies online
  6. The most relevant best mobile marketing best practices for your law firm

We hope that you now have the information and evidence you need to ensure you implement a strong mobile marketing strategy for your law practice.

Do you have any additional points you would like to share with us on mobile marketing for law firms? We would love to hear from you. Drop us a comment!

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