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Reddit Value Investing (r/ValueInvesting: All You Need To Know)

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Reddit Value Investing Overview

Looking for value investing on Reddit!

Let me provide you with an overview to help you find what you need.

What Is Value Investing

What does value investing mean?

Value investing is the process of finding and investing undervalued stocks that will eventually appreciate in price giving you (the investor) capital gains.

There are many famous value investors out there such as Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger who have amassed fortunes through the process of value investing.

On Reddit, you have lots of people exchange on value investing, sharing ideas, tips, and strategies.

You have topics such as:

  • Stock analysis 
  • Fundamental analysis
  • How to start value investing 
  • Security and investment analysis 

Think about value investing as purchasing a cash flow at price below its real value.

There are many value investing opportunities out there.

What you need to do is to learn about the industry or sector, understand who are the main players in the industry, what are their P/E ratios, why one company trades at a certain price to earnings ratio versus another.

When you can identify a well-established company that is undervalued for whatever reason and you believe the company offers strong earnings and will have its stock price adjusted to reflect its true value in the future, you have become a value investor.

Value Investing Reddit: r/ValueInvesting

r/ValueInvesting is a subreddit dedicated to Value Investing.

The community talks about the notion of value investing from Graham and Dodd to the philosophy of value investing.

The objective of the Value Investing subreddit is to provide importance to the intrinsic value of stocks rather than technical indicators or investments based on feelings or subjectivities.

This is a subreddit that is geared to the general audience and looks at stock investing from the angle of “value” investing and security analysis.

The “Value Investing” on Reddit (r/ValueInvesting) is a large community of Reddit users exchanging on the topic of investing to find value stocks.

The Reddit users post a lot of content in this group such as:

  • Value stock ideas 
  • Guide to value investing 
  • Finding value in different markets 

As of the time of the writing of this post, Value Investing Reddit has over 118,000 members making it a large community to share ideas and thoughts on the topic.

Related Subreddits to Value Investing

What are the different subreddits that you can find related to “value investing”.

Here is a list of other relevant communities and subreddits to consider:

  • r/ASX
  • r/StockMarket
  • r/Dividends
  • r/Options
  • r/ETFs
  • r/Stock_picks
  • r/trading212
  • r/BerkshireHathaway
  • r/Business
  • r/Dividends
  • r/Economics
  • r/Finance
  • r/IntelligentInvesting
  • r/Investing
  • r/InvestingForBeginners
  • r/Investing_Discussion
  • r/InvestmentClub
  • r/PersonalFinance
  • r/SecurityAnalysis
  • r/StockMarket
  • r/UndervaluedStonks

When you look through sites like Reddit to read on value investing, you should ensure that you read what people have to say and do your own research to validate their points and ascertain whether or not it makes sense.

Remember, you are reading comments and posts shared by Reddit users and you may find great ones but also false or misleading ones.

Reddit Value Investing Topics

What are the topics that people talk about related to value investing?

Here is what we have sampled from the ongoing discussions:

If you are looking to get into value investing as a new value investor or are looking to consume more content on the topic, r/ValueInvesting is a great subreddit to join.

Value Investing Reddit Takeaways 

So there you have it folks.

In this post, we looked at the r/ValueInvesting subreddit to see what it’s about and what its members talk about.

Anyone looking to invest in the stock market by investing in securities and stocks with an undervalued market price, you may have fun reading what the members of the Value Investing Reddit talk about and share.

There are other subreddits that you may want to check out as well, such as:

  • r/SecurityAnalysis
  • r/Investing
  • r/ValueInvesting
  • r/Stocks

And more…

Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

Start Value Investing

The best way to get into value investing is to learn about value investing by reading as much as you can on the topic.

Once you’ve done your research and you’ve learned on the topic, you can put your knowledge to practice by finding and investing in value stocks.

You can start investing by opening an online brokerage account allowing you to invest in stocks of your choice. 

There are many brokerage firms out there, find one that suits your needs, has low trading fees, and provides you with the tools and resources you need to invest in stocks.

If you’re looking for my suggestion, you can consider SoFi, Ameritrade, or ETrade to get started.

I’ve done more broker firm reviews that you can check out if you’re curious.

If you are hungry to learn more about investing, you should certainly get yourself a copy of the book called The Intelligent Investor that was written by Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing.
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Reddit Value Investing

  • The “Reddit Value Investing” subreddit can be found at r/ValueInvesting
  • You can find information on how to find value stocks, the fundamentals of value investing, how value investing is different than passive investing or index investing, and more
  • The content on this subreddit allows you to bridge the gap between investing in general and security analysis investing
  • The most famous value investor the world has known is Warren Buffett where he consistently was able to acquire value stocks that were undervalued compared to their book value and earnings 
  • Go ahead and immerse yourself in the world of value investing and good luck with your investments!!
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