To Wit (Legal Definition And Use In Contracts)

What does To Wit mean?

What is the to wit legal meaning?

How do you use it in contracts and legal writing?

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What is the “to wit” meaning?

The expression “to wit” comes from the archaic verb meaning “be aware of” used back in the late 1500s.

The phrase to wit means “that is to say”, “namely” or “the following comes to mind”.

Typically, this phrase is used in speech or formal writing (legal writing).

It is less prevalent in other types of English writing.


How do you define to wit?

What is the definition of to wit?

To say “to wit” means the same thing as to say “namely”.

For example:

The winners were distinguished individuals, to wit, Mary, John and Jack

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, to wit idiom is defined as:

that is to say : NAMELY

In a Sentence

How do you use to wit in a sentence?

You can use to wit in a sentence the same way that you would use “namely” in a sentence.

For example:

There are two great reasons why we should go skydiving, to wit, it’s a thrill of a lifetime and if we don’t do it now, we’ll never do it


What are to wit synonyms?

If you are looking for a to wit synonym, here is a list of words to select from:

  • Particularly 
  • Especially 
  • Videlicet 
  • In other words 
  • To clarify 
  • More precisely 

Legal Writing

To wit is a phrase that can be used in legal writing and contracts.

In today’s modern legal writing and contract drafting, it’s best practice to use terms and phrases that are simple to understand and plain English.

This is to avoid misunderstanding or interpretation issues in the contract.

Here are some examples of how we use the phrase to wit in contracts and legal writing:

Example in legal writing

The company is incorporated in many states, to wit, Delaware, California and Florida

Example in legal writing

As a result of the closing of the Transaction, all regular directors of the Company, to wit:  Person A, Person B and Person C submitted their resignation on the date hereof.

Example in a contract

Second Amendment to the License Agreement together with that certain Amendment thereto by and between the First Party (“LICENSOR”), and the Second Party (“LICENSEE”), under the direction of Person A, to wit: LICENSE AGREEMENT relating to the technology and product identified as the Product A and hereinafter referred to as “License Agreement”.

Example in a contract

Company A and Company B shall, pursuant to the provisions of the Business Corporation Law of the State of Louisiana and the provisions of the Kansas General Corporation Code, be merged with and into a single corporation, to wit, Company B, which shall be the surviving corporation upon the effective date of the merger.

If you are writing a contract and you are looking to use “to wit” to say “the following”, it may be best to simply say “the following”.

If you want to enumerate a list, instead of saying “to wit”, you can say “namely”.

To Wit:

In legal writing, contracts, or when we use the phrase to wit, it’s common to see a colon is used to separate the phrase from what follows.

For example:

The following amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of Company A were duly adopted by the shareholders of the corporation in the manner prescribed by the law, to Wit: the name of this corporation is INTERLINE RESOURCES CORPORATION.

What Does “To Wit” Mean

So what is the legal definition of To Wit?

How do you define “to wit”?

Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

To Wit

  • To say “to wit” means the same thing as to say “namely”.
  • This expression or phrase is more common in formal and legal writing than other types of writings
  • In contracts, some use “to wit” to say “the following” or to enumerate some examples
  • Synonyms for to wit are precisely, namely, to name a few, as an example, more specifically and so on
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