Utah Business Entity Search (Guide: All You Need To Know)

How do you do a Utah business entity search?

How can you look up a corporation, LLC, DBA or partnerships?

How do you do a business name availability search?

We will look at what is a Utah business entity search (or State of Utah SOS business search), what type of businesses need to be registered in Utah, what type of information is registered, how you do a business name availability search in Utah, how do you look up for a business entity by name or by business number and we’ll give you with all the useful links so you know exactly where to go!

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The Utah Office of the Lieutenant Governor maintains a business registry allowing individuals and organizations to search and lookup business entities such as corporations, limited liability companies or other types of business entities.

Fact Check!

There is no Secretary of State in the State of Utah! 

The functions of a Secretary of State are handled by various state agencies in Utah.

You can do a Utah entity search online by accessing the Utah Business Search tool made available by the State of Utah.

There are many ways people refer to the process of searching for a business entity in Utah, such as:

  • Utah SOS business entity search
  • Business name search Utah
  • Business entity search Utah
  • Utah business name search
  • UT Secretary of State business search
  • State of Utah corporation search
  • UT entity search
  • Utah business names
  • Business entities Utah Division of Corporations
  • Utah SOS corporation search

They all mean the same thing and refer to the process of searching, finding or looking up information about a registered business in the State of Utah.

If you want to do business in Utah as a sole proprietor using a DBA or using a business entity, you must make sure that your business name is available in Utah.

As a result, the State of Utah business entity search will allow you to:

  • Ensure that no other entity or individual has registered the same business name or one similar to the one that you are intending to use
  • If the Utah business name is available, you can then proceed to Utah’s online business formation services to register the business name or business entity 

What types of business entities are registered in Utah

A business entity that is located in the State of Utah or does business in Utah must be registered with the Utah Division of Corporations.

Utah business entities could be:

  • Benefit corporation 
  • Business trust
  • Collection agency
  • Commercial registered agent 
  • Corporation (domestic profit corporation and domestic non-profit corporation)
  • Doing business as or DBA (sole proprietorships and partnerships)
  • General partnership 
  • Non-profit corporation 
  • Professional corporation
  • Foreign corporation (Foreign profit corporation and foreign non-profit corporation)
  • Limited liability company or LLC (domestic, professional, series, foreign, series foreign, Low-profit or benefit LLC)
  • Limited liability partnership or LLP
  • Limited liability limited partnership or LLLP
  • Limited partnerships or LP (domestic and foreign)
  • Tribal business entities 
  • Uniform limited cooperative associations or LCA

As such, by using the State of Utah business entity search tool, you can look up the following in Utah:

  • Corporation search
  • DBA search
  • LLC search 
  • LLP search
  • LLLP search
  • LP search
  • LCA search

You can perform a Utah company search in three different ways: 

  • Business name
  • Business number
  • Executive name
Search Methods - Utah business entity search

With these three search parameters, you can search for and look up a company or registered business using the name of the business entity, the business number or the company executive (individuals running the company).

Once you perform a search, you will find basic but useful information about the business.

The business information that is publicly made available are the following:

  • Entity name
  • Company type
  • Company address
  • State of origin
  • Registered agent name
  • Registered agent address
  • Company status (active or expired)
  • Status description (good standing or not in good standing)
  • Company registration date
  • NAIC Code and title (business industry)
Business Information - Utah business entity search

Let’s look at how you can do a search using each of the three parameters we’ve outlined above, step-by-step.

You can use what we have here as a guide if you are looking to perform a company search online.

Search by business name

To do a search by business name, you will need to know the exact business name or some keywords or phrases used in the business name.

Once you perform a search using a keyword or phrase, you will be presented with a list of possible business name matches along with the business status, type, city and some additional details.

Search with business name - Utah business entity search

The UT business search tool allows you to verify if a business name is available for you to use in the State of Utah or to see if a particular business is registered in Utah.

What is useful with this tool is that you can type a word or phrase that you would like to have in your business name and see if any other entity is registered the same way in a similar way.

Here is how you do a State of Utah business entity search step-by-step:

  • Access the Utah business name search tool
  • Click on “Business Name” tab
  • Enter a word or phrase related to the business name you are searching for in the “Business Name” field
  • From the search results, click on the hyperlink of the company name that matches your search criteria
  • For more details on the business entity, you can click on the “Details” link
  • Once you click on the company result that matches your criteria, you will be presented with the results page
  • The company results page shows the registered details about the company 

Search by business number

To search for a business by business number, you’ll need to have the business entity number for the search.

Search with business number - Utah business entity search

Here is how you do a Utah online business number search step-by-step:

  • Access the Utah business number search tool
  • Click on “Number” tab
  • Enter the business number in the “Entity Number” field
  • From the search results, click on the hyperlink of the company name that matches your search criteria
  • For more details on the business entity, you can click on the “Details” link
  • Once you click on the company result that matches your criteria, you will be presented with the results page
  • The company results page shows the registered details about the company 

Search by business executive name

To search by executive name, you can enter the name of the individual you wish to look up to see the possible returns. 

However, a $3.00 fee is charged for this service and you can pay the lookup fee by credit card.

Search with executive name - Utah business entity search

Here is how you do a Utah business executive search step-by-step:

  • Access the Utah business executive search tool
  • Click on “Executive Name” tab
  • Enter the name of the executive in the “Name” field
  • You will then see a “Select Payment Method” screen where you will need to process a $3.00 payment 
  • Make your payment
  • Consult the search results 

Utah online services

The Utah Department of Commerce Division of Corporations and Commercial Code provides many useful tools allowing individuals and businesses such as:

  • Perform different types of business entity search in Utah
  • Request a certificate of existence or good standing 
  • Find and obtain business documents and records 
  • Lookup company executive names 

Let’s look at each for some of the services offered by the Utah Division of Corporations.

You can do a search for business entities registered in Utah.

Business entity list 

You can build a business entity list of business registered in Utah or other governmental records such as:

  • State construction registry
  • Building permits 
  • Businesses registered 
  • Homeowners association
  • Professional license
  • Real estate professionals license
  • State and local government financial records
  • Uniform Commercial Code 

Business name availability 

You can verify business name availability and see if potential business names are available for use.

You can do a registered principal search for businesses associated with a particular person.

Certificate of good standing 

You can obtain a Utah certificate of existence or certificate of good standing validating that a business is duly authorized to do business in Utah and complies with the state requirements.

Obtain business records 

You can find and order copies of business documents relating to businesses registered in Utah. 

Lookup company executives

You can search for company executives and management teams such as:

  • Directors
  • Officers
  • Presidents
  • Secretaries
  • Treasurers
  • Trustees
  • Applicants
  • Partners
  • Managers
  • Members 

Government entities search 

You can find contact information for government entities and agencies (Government Immunity Act Database).

Trademark search 

You can perform trademark searches in the trademarks database (trademark search).

UCC and CFS search 

You can perform searches for UCC financing statements or other documents provided under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and the Utah Central Filing System (CFS) records by debtor name.

Utah Business Entity Search Useful Links

Utah Business Division Contact Details

Here is the State of Utah corporations and entities division contact details related to business entities and business search:

Address: 160 E. 300 S. 2nd Floor Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Telephone: 1-877-526-3994

Fax: 1-801-530-6438

Website: www.corporations.utah.gov/

Business search service providers

There are different ways you can manage your company.

Some prefer to handle their own business entity search while others may want to hire the services of an online service provider or attorney.

The choice comes down to what you prefer and how comfortable you are in managing your company’s affairs.

There are law firms, lawyers and attorneys who can provide you with legal services.

They can get the job done the right way.

The downside is that they may be pricey. 

When you select a lawyer or attorney, you are paying for the quality of the job, the strategic advice and proper legal compliance.

You can also select a service provider that may not necessarily be a law firm but a company specialized in business name searches, company filings, company registration and incorporations.

There are many online service providers that provide business search services and other online services at a reasonable cost.

At the end of the day, you need to select a service provider who has done this before and knows what they are doing.

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