Which of The Following Is Defined As A Contract That Prescribes The Technical Support (Answer)

Which of the following is defined as a contract that prescribes the technical support?

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Which of the following is defined as a contract that prescribes the technical support


What of the following options best describes a contract outlining the terms and conditions of technical support services:

  • A mutual aid agreement
  • An audit report
  • A certificate practice statement
  • A service level agreement
  • A certificate of service authority 
  • None of the above


A service level agreement is a contract that prescribes technical support between the contracting parties.

Technical Support

Technical support is a type of service offered by organizations to their clients.

Typically, hardware or software companies provide technical support to help users of the product or software in their day-to-day use.

In the business, it’s generally referred to as SLAs standing for “service level agreement”.

Service Level Agreement

A service level agreement is a legal commitment between a company (service provider) and a client (service beneficiary).

In the SLA, the parties will generally agree on terms and conditions relating to the quality, availability, and responsibility of the parties in using a product, application, or software.

Often times, you have terms and conditions relating to: 

  • Response times
  • Issue resolution delays
  • Time to complete a task
  • Uptime of the application (in case of hosting services for example)
  • Maintenance windows 
  • Support ticket procedure 
  • Escalation procedures 


What best describes the contract where technical support services are offered by a company to another?

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Which of the following is defined as a contract that prescribes the technical support:

  • Question: Which contract best defines the terms and conditions for technical support?
  • Answer: Service level agreement (SLA)
Best-effort delivery 
Consideration in contract
Contractual obligation 
Contractual terms
Network monitoring 
Security device
Security guidelines
Security policies 
Service level objective
Technical support agreement