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Why Marketing Is Important (Did You Know This About Marketing?)

Did you ever wonder why marketing is so important?

What’s the big deal with marketing?

Is it really something you need to pay attention to?

Great questions deserve even better answers!

In this article, we look at why marketing is important for all businesses. We’ll discuss how you can engage with your customers, how you build your brand’s reputation, increase sales, sell your vision to the world, communicate with your customers, give them reasons to do business with you and more.

We have divided this article into the following sections for your ease of navigation:

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Why is marketing to important to all companies

Marketing is important for all companies.

If you want to penetrate a new market, sustain your business or scale your business, with the right marketing efforts, you can achieve that.

Let’s see why marketing is so important to all companies.

Helps you engage with customers

Marketing is important as that’s the channel you use to engage with your customers.

Your company speaks to the world through marketing.

And when the world responds back, your marketing will take the lead and engage with the world.

Engaging with your audience is keeping an open dialog between your business and your target audience.

You can engage with your customers personally or emotionally.

You can entertain them, inform them, educate them or give guidance.

Marketing helps you tell your customers what they don’t know.

Helps you build your company’s reputation

Your company’s reputation is built by marketing.

There is a positive correlation between a company’s overall success and its business reputation.

Marketing helps you build and sustain your reputation.

How people perceive your business will have a significant impact on whether they will do business with your company.

We all associate with what we believe in.

If someone associates with your brand values, then you will have much deeper connection with them.

Marketing allows you to build your company reputation and keep it where you want it to be.

Helps you build trust with your customers

Marketing is important for all businesses as that’s how you build trust with your customers.

There are so many companies out there, why should a customer do business with you?

That may come down to trust.

If I trust that what you will offer me will solve my problem, then I will do business with you.

If I don’t trust you will deliver what you promised, then that will be a different story.

Marketing helps create that initial level of trust and builds on it.

More importantly, when you finally acquire a customer, marketing helps you maintain the trust of your customer.

Helps your business increase its sales

Marketing uses different strategies and challenges to help your company increase its sales.

With marketing, you can promote your products and services to the world.

Customers will want to read about your offerings and understand what they have to gain in doing business with you.

Marketing gives all the reasons a prospect may need to become a customer of yours.

Helps you find insights about your business

For your business to be successful, not only you must fully understand your industry and competitors but you must know yourself.

That’s where marketing helps you find insights about your own business.

To understand your business is to understand what it is that you are offering the world.

What problem are you trying to solve?

What makes you better than others?

What should someone care about you instead of another company?

Marketing will want to understand your business so you can create content and marketing material to really shine with your audience.

You want to present what makes you unique.

You’ll want to present the message about your company values, your mission and how you are changing the world.

Marketing helps you find insights about your business so you can better sell yourself.

Helps you beat your competitors

There is only a finite number of customers out there and lots of competition.

The company that will win the game is the company that can beat the competition.

You can beat the competition in quality, in price, in reputation, in speed of execution or in any other metric you demonstrate to your audience.

You can beat the competition because you can emotionally connect with your audience.

You can beat the competition because your company values are aligned with that of your customers.

No matter the strategy, it’s marketing that will create and develop content showing your audience why you are the best game in town.

What is the scope of marketing for a business

When we say marketing, what do we mean exactly?

What is the scope of marketing for a business?

Marketing broadly defines all activities aimed at educating your customers about your company, creating a connection with them, showing them your company’s value-proposition and convincing them that they should do business with you.

Let’s look at the main scope of marketing efforts.

Marketing informs your audience 

Fundamentally, marketing will help your audience get to know you.

Through your marketing efforts, you’ll educate your audience and prospects about your company, your products, your industry and give them useful information so they get to know you better.

According to Creativs, marketing is the most effective way to communicate your value proposition.

If your audience is unable to get information about you and your business, you will not have the same level of success as when you tailor a well-crafted message about how your products and services can help solve people’s problems or take advantage of interesting opportunities.

Marketing equalizes the playing field

With digital marketing, the marketing game has changed.

Traditionally, marketing efforts were expensive.

You needed to advertise in newspapers, magazines and expensive journals.

Today, you can take advantage of social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising and email marketing, among other things, to reach a vast audience.

Small and medium businesses are now able to launch marketing campaigns as effective as large organizations with millions of dollars to spend on marketing.

With internet marketing and digital advertising, the marketing playing field has leveled allowing any business to have a fair chance in the marketing arena.

Marketing helps sustain your business

Your company must have a presence in the market.

You must have brand recognition.

Your audience must recognize you.

They must associate your brand with quality, with greatness.

Marketing helps you sustain your brand.

Your business needs marketing to position itself in the market and keep it there.

Marketing will help you grow your business and maintain a long-standing relationship with your audience.

Marketing helps you engage with customers

Through marketing, you can keep ongoing communication with your customers.

Customers visit you in your place of business, you connect with them.

What happens when customers walk out of your store or boutique?

What happens when someone visits your website and leaves?

How do you reconnect with them?

That’s where marketing is effective.

Marketing is how you will continue speaking to your customers and audience.

It’s how you connect with them outside of your place of business or your website.

Now you can connect with customers on social media.

You can engage with them on a personal level.

Marketing allows you to keep the conversation going so people can remember you and come to you.

Marketing leads to sales

With marketing, you can sell your product and services.

You need to tell your audience why your offering is better than the competitors.

Marketing will help you do that.

You provide your audience with your company’s value proposition.

You can have a great product but without the right message and positioning, your audience may not realize that you are the best business to deal with.

Marketing will get your products out the door.

You define your sales objectives and with marketing, you achieve them.

Marketing will help grow your business 

In a nutshell, marketing helps your audience get to know you, understand your value-proposition, increase your sales and that will lead your company to grow.

Marketing helps you keep your current customers happy while finding new ones.

Marketing is how you ensure your business grows over time.

What is the importance of a marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is important to identify your customer needs, respond to your customer needs by developing new products and services, accelerating your sales cycle and catering to the unique preferences of your customers.

Let’s look at how marketing can help you identify your customer needs.

Allows you to identify your customer needs

Marketing helps you identify what your customers really need and how you can solve their problems.

Strategically speaking, marketing can also help you create new customer needs.

We all have needs and our needs change over time.

Marketing will help your business take advantage of what is trending and what your audience may need.

Allows you to respond to your customer needs with new offerings

Marketing is a line of communication between your company and your audience.

You speak with your current customers and prospects through your marketing efforts.

You get feedback from them as well.

By properly listening to what customers and prospects are asking, you can develop new products and offer new services to satisfy them.

Marketing will help your company develop new products.

Your company can offer services in a different way or in a new way on the basis of intelligence gathered through marketing.

Allows you to you find ways to accelerate your sale cycle

You’re in business to sell.

And to make a sale, you need to convince your target audience to buy from you.

Marketing will help you accelerate the time it takes to convert a prospect to a customer of yours.

Depending on the nature of your business, whether you are offering B2B products and services or B2C products and services, your sales cycle may vary in duration.

Consumers will take less time to make a purchase decision than businesses.

With marketing, you will tailor your communication in such a way that you provide your prospects with exactly what they need to make a purchase decision.

By answering the major and important questions upfront, you help your prospects decide in a more enlightened way.

You’ll give your audience more material to read and reports to consume or try to emotionally connect with them.

Marketing will help you drive sales in a faster and more efficient way.

Allows you to enable respond to your customer preferences

Your customers are demanding and each has unique preferences.

Your business wants to do business and grow, well you need to manage your customers and their preferences.

You do that through marketing.

With your marketing message, you present to your customers and prospects your products and services considering their individual preferences.

Younger customers do not make a purchasing decision the same way as older customers will.

Your audience can be segmented in such a way that you can create marketing content to really target their preferences and individual tastes.

A solid marketing strategy can surely help grow your business.

What about the impact of marketing on entrepreneurs?

What is the importance of marketing in entrepreneurship

Marketing is important for all businesses but it’s crucial for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs do things differently, go against the grain, challenge the way things are done and spearhead new ways.

With the right marketing efforts, entrepreneurs can rally others to adopt their vision, to do things differently as they do and to change their ways.

Marketing is crucial for entrepreneurs to tell their story in a consumer-centric way.

Marketing helps entrepreneurs express their vision

An entrepreneur, by definition, is a person who has a burning desire to change the world.

That can be done by sharing their vision.

A vision is the ability to think about the future.

A vision is what you hope to achieve, your goals, your mission.

A vision is what gives meaning to your company.

Entrepreneurs sell their vision with marketing.

Marketing conveys the vision to customers, employees, company stakeholders, investors.

Marketing allows the entrepreneur to bridge the gap between the future and the present.

Marketing helps entrepreneurs express their vision.

Marketing helps entrepreneurs commercialize their innovation 

Entrepreneurs dream to change the world.

Entrepreneurs innovate by inventing new products, new markets, developing new industries.

Marketing is what an entrepreneur will need dearly to successfully sell their innovation to the world.

Marketing will help entrepreneurs think from their customers’ vantage point and convey their message in a customer-centric way.

Marketing helps entrepreneurs drive psychological change and transform the minds of their customers to desire something new, something innovative and something exciting.

Entrepreneurs leverage marketing to drive this change in mentality required to commercialize a newly invented product or a new offering.

For entrepreneurs, marketing has a much greater significance.

Marketing is your voice, your calling, your inspiration, your values, your product, your innovation.

Marketing is what an entrepreneur needs to successfully commercialize a product.

Marketing helps entrepreneurs build their credibility

Social credibility is everything for businesses.

The success of a business is highly correlated with the business’ perceived credibility.

The brand story you will tell is the foundation to how your company narrative will be presented through your marketing efforts.

Marketing helps you reach your target.

But that’s only part of the story.

Now that you reached your target audience, you need to gain their trust.

You need to appear credible to them.

That’s where marketing will help entrepreneurs gain that credibility.

A start-up or a new business has no history.

It’s like a new baby born into the world.

Marketing will help the start-up or new business tell their story and tell it in a way that builds brand credibility.

People do business with brands they trust and entrepreneurs need marketing to build that trust to gain the coveted credibility.


Why is marketing important?

Marketing is important as that’s how your business interacts with the world.

You learn about your customers, you provide information useful to your prospects, you sell your company’s vision to the world, you entice people to do business with you and you tell the world how you are so unique.

Marketing is a strategic approach to selling your products and services and beating your competition at it.

In this article, we looked at how marketing is important for businesses, for entrepreneurs and to build a relationship with your audience.

We hope you enjoyed it.

What are your thoughts on marketing? We would love to hear from you. Drop us a comment.

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